Motorola Sues Microsoft In Latest Patent Fight

If you can't beat em, sue em is the mantra in much of the tech world. Patent suits are thrown around with reckless abandon with both sides of the battle often claiming the same thing. Microsoft filed another suit against Motorola that we mentioned earlier this week. The latest suit from Microsoft alleges that Motorola has breached commitments to standards organizations that allow other firms to license patents Motorola holds relating to wireless and video encoding tech.

Apparently, Microsoft uses some of this tech in the Xbox 360 game console. Motorola has now fired back with its own suit alleging patent infringement by Microsoft. Motorola filed the suit in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida and in the Western District of Wisconsin.

Motorola claims that Microsoft has infringed on 16 patents with its PC and server software, Windows Mobile, and Xbox 360 products. The patents have to do with things like how the PC and server software relate to Windows OS', digital video encoding, and other stuff. The tech is used in Exchange, Messenger, Outlook, Windows Live IM, and other software. Motorola wants Microsoft to be forced to stop using the tech and pay Motorola for past infringement.