Microsoft Suing Motorola Due To Excessive Royalties On Network Technology In Xbox 360

Microsoft is keeping up with the legal battles, as the company has just made it known that they're moving ahead with another suit against Motorola, this time focusing on the way that Motorola relates to Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console. This comes just a little over a month after their previous lawsuit against Motorola, where Microsoft was focusing on the usage of Android on Motorola manufactured handsets.

This new suit was filed in Federal Court, in Seattle, Washington, and alleges Motorola has breached commitments to standards organizations, which allow other companies to license its patents relating to wireless technology and video coding, which Microsoft utilizes within the Xbox 360. Microsoft goes on to add that Motorola has demanded "excessive and discriminatory" royalties, and has subsequently asked for compensation from Motorola.

Motorola has yet to comment on the situation, as of the time of this writing, but it shouldn't be too long before the company moves forward with some kind of response.

[via Reuters]