Motorola RIZR Z6c nets FCC approval

James Allan Brady - Nov 26, 2007

The next addition to the RAZR-like devices is well on its way gaining the approval of the FCC. The Moto RIZR Z6c is headed to the VZW or Verizon Wireless.

This is another one of those devices getting the “World Edition” badging due to its dual-band CDMA/EV-DO and Dual-Band GSM (900/1800MHZ) which means you can use it in most of Eurasia as well. Imagine the Motorola SLVR, but in slider form with the RAZR style keypad underneath, and that’s pretty much the RIZR in a nutshell.

It also has a QVGA display and a 2MP cam as well as Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), and a microSD card slot. Honestly it’s the first phone in a long time I’ve been excited about the release of from Motorola, which is kind of sad as they used to own the mobile handset market, now its in the hands of the up and comers, Apple, HTC, LG, and Samsung, and I must say, those companies at least, are doing a damn fine job.

Motorola Z6c approved by FCC [via phonearena]

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