Motorola Ready For Now Supports Wireless Streaming To TVs And Monitors

Google recently made a big splash by announcing Android 12L, which finally acknowledges the existence of devices with large screens, including tablets, foldables, and even laptops or PCs. Long before that overdue day, however, the likes of Samsung had already been carving their own path, especially with Samsung DeX. Motorola recently revealed its own platform, oddly named "Ready For," and it is now revealing its wireless expansion that tries to tap into the recent trends in remote work and social media.

Just like Samsung DeX, Motorola's Ready For was primarily designed to offer a desktop-like experience when a compatible phone is connected to a monitor or a Windows PC. Since then, Samsung has moved to integrate its Galaxy phones more deeply with Windows PCs, allowing even individual Android apps from the phone to run like native Windows app. Motorola, on the other hand, is going in a different direction and is cutting the cord with Ready For's wireless features.

Ready For is easily accessed from Android's Quick Settings tile. Enabling it will start scanning for compatible displays, particularly those using Miracast technology. That also includes laptops that often have that streaming technology built in. With the latter, you can even use the Motorola phone's main camera as a high-quality webcam.

With this new channel, Ready For is able to offer four distinct modes with the appropriate UI and features configured. Mobile desktop is the familiar interface that turns the phone into a PC, while there are also modes for TV and streaming, gaming, and even video chat. Ready For even enables live streaming using the phone as a camera and the TV as the video feed monitor.

Ready For is actually available on a couple of Motorola phones, including the Moto G100. For these use cases, however, the company is advertising its flagship Motorola Edge, which arguably has the specs to support all those features.