Motorola RAZR update delivers Android 10: Is it enough?

Today Motorola released the Motorola RAZR software update to Android 10. This is the full version of Android 10, on the device for the first time in full release form. This update allows the user some access to several new features enacted by Motorola, as well as several features only available to Android 10 devices as enabled by Google. Does this update make the device desirable enough to purchase?

The most important bit about this update is the enabling of the Quick View display. That's the display that's outside the folding RAZR, generally only useful when the device is fully closed. Now the device's Quick View display has Smart Reply for quick responses to notifications from messaging apps. This update also enables the Quick View keyboard – the tiniest keyboard you've ever seen!

The Quick View display now works with Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation, as well as music players of several sorts. Users can access controls for Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora from the Quick View display with the Android 10 update. It's not yet clear whether this update will need to go through additional testing with Verizon, etc., but it would APPEAR that it's ready to roll.

Above you'll see a brief video outlining the ways in which the Motorola RAZR works with this latest update to Android 10. You should be able to access this update as early as this afternoon by heading to Settings – System – Advanced – System Updates.

This might not be the end of unique feature updates for the Motorola RAZR, if we're to believe what Motorola's written this week. "We've already set the bar for external displays on a foldable device, but we're moving it even higher," wrote a Motorola representative. "As we push the boundaries of innovation with foldable devices, we'll continue to prioritize and improve the experience on our Quick View display for the most intuitive, enjoyable, and seamless experience possible."