Motorola Razr now comes in Blush Gold, still priced like gold

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The hype around foldable seems to have died down a bit, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic and probably because of the price that they demand. Even the cheapest ones that only have a small foldable screen cost more than $1,400. With a price that's almost like gold, you might want your fancy foldable phone to also look the part. Fortunately, the new Motorola Razr lets you have that without resorting to sticky skins.

The new and foldable Motorola Razr originally came in Noir Black, the color that most people will remember when talking about clamshell phones. The old RAZR, however, was popular for its expressive and stylish colors, including pink and lime in some instances. Now the 2020 Razr is following suit though with only one new color to show off.

The new Blush Gold will probably get more people's attention because plain black just doesn't give off that luxury vibe until you open the magical and expensive phone. Unlike the old RAZRs, though, the color doesn't cover even the majority of the phone's surface. Of course, it can't, since the majority of that surface is made of glass and screen.

Other than that, though, this still the exact same new Motorola Razr that launched a few months ago. That, for better or worse, also means the same $1,499.99 price tag that makes it feel like you're really holding gold. Except gold is less breakable (not pure gold, that is).

That combination of price and durability has become one of the new Razr's biggest problems. The hinge, in particular, has been tested to be a tad less resilient than what Motorola claimed. Its mediocre performance was also a point of contention, especially when compared to the slightly cheaper but better specced Galaxy Z Flip.