Motorola Q q9 has better keyboard than old Q; my thumbs sigh in relief

Arne Hess has taken his hands to 3GSM and let's all be thankful for that – if he hadn't, we wouldn't have this hands-on report of the Motorola Q q9.  Thankfully he did more than merely palpate it like a blind man touching up a nun; no, he answered my first question: is the keyboard any good?

Turns out, he reckons it's easier than the original Q to type on.  Now I loved the look of the Q's tic-tac keys and clean layout, but after a while they got a bit tiring on the fingertips; this new keyboard doesn't look so cute, but if you can peck out emails without having domed impressions bruised into your digits then it's an improvement in my book.

As Arne spots, however, where's the front-mounted camera for video calls?  Not that many people actually make video calls, but it'd be nice to see all the same.

Hands-on with the Motorola MOTO Q q9 [the::unwired]