Motorola Preparing An iPod Nano, Nike+ Hybrid Sports Watch?

We're all about hybrid devices these days. Having a watch that only tells time just doesn't cut it anymore, especially for those with a more active lifestyle. We have devices like the Nike+ SportWatch, the Garmin Forerunner, and a myriad of watchbands for turning your iPod nano into a multitasking watch. And now it looks like Motorola will be joining in on the fun with its own all-in-one offering.

The unnamed Motorola sports watch or "all-in-one fitness and music personal fitness device" looks at first glance like the combination of the Nike+ SportWatch with an iPod nano, having a removable music player that snaps onto a rubberized and adjustable wristband. And indeed, the Motorola device aims to offer both a "smart music player" as well as a GPS-enabled fitness tracker.

The device could sync with computers as well as Android devices for uploading fitness data and users can customize the data based on their activity. However, besides the leaked images and the possible name of MotoActive, there's very little information on the device and whether or not it will actually ship.

[via Electronista]