Motorola PEBL handsets depicted by King of Color

David LaChapelle, world-renowned photographer and director was commisioned to capture the Motorola PEBL in the most interesting ways. He depicted each PEBL colors to be the following:

  • ORANGE depicts the beautiful thief reaching through a broken glass case to steal the precious orange PEBL.
  • BLUE portrays the burglar dangling in mid-air, having abseiled through a glass ceiling. She swings into a guard, knocking him to the floor while snatching the blue PEBL from his grasp.
  • PINK shows the exquisite robber handing a pink PEBL to her male accomplice, while another carves through a metal door to create an escape route.
  • GREEN displays the thief ascending a rope ladder through a broken glass ceiling. Having nearly escaped, two guards try to drag her into custody while the green PEBL lies calmly in her open palm