Motorola OTA wireless charging might be available soon

JC Torres - May 12, 2021, 8:59pm CDT
Motorola OTA wireless charging might be available soon

Wireless charging may be saving us from tripping over cables but they don’t exactly keep our phones untethered completely. It’s not really easy to use our phones while on their wireless charging docks and you often need to position the devices precisely on top of the hidden charging coils. The ideal wireless charging solution is, of course, one that is completely invisible and intangible, and Motorola’s partnership with OTA power company GuRu could bring that to reality soon.

Motorola is hardly the first to present OTA wireless charging as a solution to our charging woes. In fact, Xiaomi fired the opening shots earlier this year when it revealed its Mi Air Charge technology. OPPO would later follow with its own Wireless Air Charging teaser but that one seemed to support a shorter distance compared to Xiaomi’s vision.

Motorola would show off a technology it has been working on that matched more closely the ideals of OTA wireless charging. While distance seemed to be a limitation, it did also have a safety mechanism that stopped charging when something came in between the phone and the wireless power source. At that time, Motorola seemed to say the technology was still in the early stages but now a partner is suggesting it might be closer than we think.

OTA power company GuRu announced a partnership that will bring this convenience to Motorola phones. Its technology is designed to work with various devices, not just phones, and it is pushing it towards OEMs like Motorola. It doesn’t go much into technical details other than saying that it can deliver OTA power at a meter’s distance.

Whether that will make it to this year’s next Motorola phones is of course the question. It may still have to get special regulatory approval, considering the novelty of the technology. That factor might also limit its availability on Motorola’s higher-end models which are already few and far in between.

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