Motorola One Fusion joins the mid-range Android fray

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Motorola is the new Samsung in the sense of flooding the smartphone market with nearly indistinguishable options. Barely a month after it announced the One Fusion+, the company is now revealing the base model for that already mid-range phone. The Motorola One Fusion probably won't wow anyone with its specs but it can at least masquerade as its slightly more featured and also more expensive sibling, that is until you get asked to do that popup camera trick.

That is really the only visible difference between the One Fusion and the earlier One Fusion+, the latter boasting a 16 megapixel front camera that literally rises to the occasion. The One Fusion's unspecified front camera, in contrast, hides inside a tiny waterdrop notch on the phone's massive 6.5-inch screen. Despite its size, however, that "Max Vision" display maxes out at HD+ resolutions.

Inside, the Motorola One Fusion may be just as disappointing, running on an old Snapdragon 710 with 4GB of RAM. There's only 64GB of storage, thankfully expandable. There's also a traditional fingerprint scanner on the back, though no word on a traditional headphone jack anywhere.

The Motorola One Fusion's selling points, or at least as the company tries to spin it, are its battery and cameras. The 5,000 mAh battery is advertised to give you 48 hours of use, depending on how you use it, while the 48 megapixel camera is joined by an 118-angle ultra-wide camera, a 5x Macro camera, and a depth sensor.

If the 300 EUR One Fusion+ is any indication, the Motorola One Fusion will most likely get an even more accessible price tag. It will launch in Latin America first followed by Saudi Arabia and UAE next month. No word on global availability yet.