Motorola MOTOACTV Accessories Review

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This week marks the launch of the Motorola MOTOACTV device, one made to work with you to make your exercise-centered life not just more organized, but fun as well – and what better way to compliment our full MOTOACTV review than with a full accessories review as well! What we've got here are several of the accessories available for you to purchase in addition to the MOTOACTV device itself. You can buy the MOTOACTV by itself and get the Clip and the SF200 headphones in the package – but why not expand your MOTOACTV life with a strap or two?


The clip is the most basic accessory, it being included with the MOTOACTV when you purchase it, made just to give you the option to clip the device on to your belt, shirt, coat, or any number of other clothing items. Definitely made for the belt. Made of plastic and a thin layer of aluminum.

Wrist Strap

This accessory is my least favorite and is undoubtedly the least comfortable of the accessories, and that includes the clip which doesn't touch your skin. The wrist strap fits around your wrist like a watch would, but because of the tough nature of the hard plastic, it'll take a lot of breaking in before it isn't a bother to wear.

Arm Band

The accessory that makes the device twice as nice. This accessory is made of a fine, strong material and a metal loop at the end of it. There's a very low-level velcro on the outside of the strap that holds the device tight but doesn't attract massive levels of hair and fuzz like velcro's original form did. The strap is entirely comfortable and fashionably bright red and flat black.

Bike Mount

Simple to attach and because the attachment bit is made of rubber, it stays in place while you're using it. No complaints – if you're going to use the MOTOACTV with your bike, definitely pick up the Bike Mount. If you're not going to use your bike, skip it.


Made to wrap around the ear and fit inside with a number of interchangeable rubber bits, it's only the bright red and black that you'll be judging with this set of buds. The microphone works well, and there's an on-wire control for your music as well. These headphones are included in the full MOTOACTV pack, pictured here:

Accessories Hands-on


Get the Arm Band, and possibly the bike mount, but skip the arm band. You'll be better off adjusting your arm band than working with the wrist strap as the latter is made mostly of stiff plastic – heavy duty, but uncomfortable. Try out the device by itself before purchasing an accessory, then find yourself wishing you could attach the device to your arm, believe it! Grab everything from the [Motorola store online], noting that the mount, strap, and armband are each $30 and the SF200 headphones are $49.99 and the clip is $19.99, the last two items being included with the MOTOACTV when you purchase it – aka purchasing these would only be incase you lose your own.