Motorola mocks Samsung ad that mocked the iPhone X

When Apple finally started shipping the iPhone X, Samsung put out an ad that more or less trolled Apple on how, after 10 years, it still lagged behind some of the innovations Samsung started. It was, in a way, telling iPhone users to "grow up". Now out of the blue, Motorola is taking a shot at Samsung with a new ad that instead advises users to "up-grade", ironically with a mid-range Moto Z2 Play.

Large screen, stylus, waterproofing, internal storage, headphone jack. Those are just some of the things that Samsung is saying Apple has to catch up with. To some extent, Cupertino did, especially with the large screen. Some, like the headphone jack, is something Apple is quite set against.

Motorola's ad is basically saying that those are not even enough. Want an even larger screen? Use a Moto Mod projector. Yes, Motorola is touting its Moto Mods to be the "up-grade" you need. Strangely, it only really shows that one mod out of half a dozen or so available.

Even stranger is that Motorola is using the Moto Z2 Play to demonstrate those capabilities. It is, of course, not Motorola's highest end model this year and would probably be left behind eating the Galaxy Note 8's smoke in a performance race. But perhaps Motorola is trying to sell the idea that, even with a less expensive phone, you can get that big screen that you want. That is, if all you really wanted as a big screen.