Motorola Lapdock 500 spied at FCC, Droid Razr tags along

Motorola has been offering Lapdocks for some of it smartphones for a while now. These things look like notebooks, but are docks for smartphones that take some of the stuff you see on the screen of the smartphone and put it on a larger notebook size display. The keyboard of the Lapdock makes it easier to work, email, and text from your smartphone when using one of the docks.

The catch with the Motorola Lapdocks so far has been that they typically work with only one smartphone and they aren't exactly cheap. If you buy one and then upgrade your smartphone, you have to get a new Lapdock. A new dock from Motorola has cleared the FCC for its approvals on its way to retail stores called the Lapdock 500. In the pics here that is the Droid Razr along for the ride.

The 500 is made to run the Motorola Webtop apps like Firefox, Facebook, and others. It can also run a bunch of game apps. It has a webcam integrated and extends the battery life of the smartphone using the dock. It has a pair of USB ports for accessory hook up. The cool part is that the Lapdock 500 and its smaller sibling the Lapdock 100 will both work with the range of higher end Motorola Android smartphones so you can upgrade and still use the same dock.

[via Android Community]