Motorola KRE-8 music cellphone concept

Designed in response to a Motorola cross-disciplinary studio task, Jose Tomas DeLuna's Motorola KRE-8 music cellphone is a curious mixture of PMP, portable music creation tool and 3G handset.  There are three distinct music modes: instrument, record and mix.Concept video after the cut

The handset has a touchscreen display and can be split into two separate sections; these both have accelerometers and track the position of the other half.  DeLuna envisages these pieces then being used to play a virtual instrument – guitar, drums or violin, for instance - either alone or collaborating with others using the 3G network to connect. 

In fact the Motorola KRE-8 is all about sharing music.  The GPS can be used to leave a trail of musical experiences behind; when other KRE-8 users go to that same position, they hear that music.  Sadly there's little likelihood of Motorola actually going ahead with a phone based on the concept, though given their track record recently they could do far worse.

[via Unwired View]