Motorola iTunes ROKR E1

It seems to be dissapointing that the new Motorola phone looks similar to the old Motorola E398, but don't be fooled by its appearance, it's still be able to rock your pockets. At (HKD$1,980 / US$253) it's still a pretty good price for a phone. It has the distinct I-pod white colours. The LCD screen has been improved to a 262k version. The camera is still pretty poor at 30K pixel. However, this has been compensated with the addition of the video recording function. It has similar amount of built in memory, which is 5MB, in contrast to the previous E398. The phone supports TransFlash memory card and includes a 128MB TransFlash memory card. This phone competes directly with the Sony Ericsson walkman phones. But I still believe that this phone would be more popular to the current market trend as the I-pod range is becoming more and more popular.