Motorola, Indiegogo team up to push Moto Mods forward

JC Torres - Nov 3, 2016, 8:03pm CDT
Motorola, Indiegogo team up to push Moto Mods forward

Both LG and Motorola have revealed their own version of modular attachments to smartphones, but, unlike LG, Motorola seems to be really serious about it. For one, it has announced more such Moto Mods for purchase. For another, it is providing a Moto Mod Dev Kit to help developers and tinkerers make their own mods. And now, to further help those mod dreams come true, Motorola is partnering with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to help such dreamers find funding for their bright, wild, and hopefully useful ideas.

The “Transform the Smartphone Campaign”, as it is called, is like a cross between your usual crowdfunding pitch and a sponsored project. Interested mod developers will first have to submit their ideas to Indiegogo. Winning pitches are awarded with a Moto Mod Dev Kit (MDK) as well as a Moto Z smartphone to get the ball rolling.

Of course it doesn’t end there. They do have to create prototypes and then submit those to the wisdom of the crowds. Which is to say, this part is like a normal Indiegogo run. Except that Moto and Verizon will help advertise those projects. Ten finalists will be selected and will have a chance to be funded and have distributions arrangements with Lenovo and Verizon.

Motorola will also be hosting hackathons around the Moto Mods to further publicize the technology as well as inspire budding developers to try their luck. Those will take place across the US, from San Francisco to Chicago.

Starting today until January 31 next year, Indiegoo will be accepting submissions for this Moto Mods campaign. The crowdfunding round will run from January 3 to March 6, while the final winners will be announced on March 10.

SOURCE: Motorola

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