Motorola Gives out Golden Xooms to Movie Stars

Robert Evans - Feb 23, 2011
Motorola Gives out Golden Xooms to Movie Stars

Were you nominated for an Academy Award this year? The answer is almost certainly ‘no’. But if you were, Motorola has the coolest goodie bag present ever for you. The company has just tweeted that it will be giving out golden Xooms to all nominees at this year’s show. Can Android Honeycomb wash away the sting of losing an Oscar? We’ll know on Sunday, February 27.

The golden Xoom bears a striking resemblance to the European model Xoom. While the US version has an all-black back, the Oscar and Euro versions are black at the top but feature a different colored panel underneath. Motorola looks to be shipping these tablets out in a special case that has been designed to mimic an Oscar award envelope.

Interested in winning a golden Xoom of your own? Swing on by the contest page for details on how.

[Via Twitter]

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