Motorola Gets Physical

Bob Bland - Nov 2, 2006
Motorola Gets Physical

The KRZR has been out since the end of September, but Motorola is hoping that sales will get a little more active starting on Monday, when a new app called Bones in Motion Active will be available on the Nano-sized flip phone. Great for runners, cyclists and power walkers (remember when that was a competitive sport for soccer moms?), the app will come preloaded and be available on Verizon’s website packaged with an armband and earbuds. I caught up with Motorola Marketing Director Jim Mitchel on Tuesday, who said that it is a perfect way to utilize the KRZR’s external screen and MP3 controls, as well as the GPS. Expect a full review of the software, KRZR and accessories sometime this weekend.

KRZR pics and the press release after the jump….KRZR
Press Release (Porter Novelli- Austin PR)

Like the Nike + iPod, on Monday, November 6, Motorola, Rodale (publisher of Runner’s World) and Bones in Motion will announce the availability of BiM Active, a consumer fitness application, on the newly released Motorola KRZR phone.
With Bones in Motion’s BiM Active application, runners/cyclists/walkers can track their workout routines and enhance training or weight loss goals by using their cell phone to continuously monitor speed, distance, calories burned, pace and route. You can also listen to music while working out, and once finished, upload workout data to an online portal ( that allows you to share routes and analyze training trends.
According to a recent Runner’s World survey, 10,000+ runners were asked what they carried while running. Seventeen percent said a cell phone, 25 percent a GPS unit and 43 percent an MP3 player. The results are especially interesting because BiM Active on the phone answers all of these needs with one manageable, integrated device providing vital training stats, communication and music.

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