Motorola EX130 feature phone packs in dual screens

For the most part, geeks overlook the feature phone category altogether in favor of the smartphones which don't generally cost that much more. A new feature phone from Motorola has turned up today the phone has one interesting feature that will have some taking a closer look at the EX130. This phone hasn't gone official yet. It runs the Qualcomm Brew MP operating system that has been running on feature phones for a while now.

The EX130 has a main screen that is 2.8-inches and has a screen resolution of 320 x 240. It has 128MB of memory and 64MB of RAM. The thing that has captured the interest of some people perusing the specs of the phone is that it has a thin little OLED screen at the bottom of the device with a resolution of 96 x 16. That little screen would presumably allow the user to have scrolling feeds of important data that they can access while doing other things on the phone.

What I mentioned above are all the features that we know right now. There are key items that are a mystery, such as what network the EX130 will run on. Whether it runs on GSM or CDMA networks is unknown. The price is also unknown, but considering it is a feature phone, it can't be particularly expensive.

[via Intomobile]