Motorola Droid hacked - Wi-Fi tethering within reach

The recently released Motorola Droid is a jack of many trades but unfortunately stops short at the art of wireless tethering.  An online tutorial over at DroidForums has incidentally appeared and evidently reveals how to enable the Wi-Fi tethering functionality on the smartphone.

This latest remedy requires the installation of a custom version of the 2.0.1 firmware to enable Wi-Fi GUI tethering, which is currently being shared online.  However, the faint-hearted be warned, as this apparently involves rooting the smartphone and installing a custom recovery image along with a custom kernel.  Earlier hacks for the Droid only allowed USB cable tethering with the running of unwieldy shell scripts on a PC or Mac, and not actually through the Wi-Fi connection.

Verizon affirmed recently that their official tethering plan, dubbed the "Mobile Broadband Connect" would be scheduled to arrive in early 2010, with no firm information on the actual date or pricing (but with a potential doubling in cost).