Motorola Citrus is Verizon’s 25% recycled Android

Chris Davies - Oct 6, 2010
Motorola Citrus is Verizon’s 25% recycled Android

Motorola’s Droid Pro may have been the more eye-catching of Verizon’s new Android handsets, but it wasn’t the only model brought along.  The company also announced the Motorola Citrus, a 3-inch touchscreen phone running Android 2.1 with a MOTOBLUR-inspired UI and on a 528MHz Qualcomm processor.

Verizon has liberally splashed Bing integration all over the Citrus, wherever Google used to be, and there’s a trackpad on the back of the smartphone for easier navigation.  In all, this isn’t likely to be a barnstormer of a device, but then again it’s also likely to be relatively cheap and Motorola has made the body from 25-percent post-consumer recycled plastic so there’s a little green halo around it too.

More details on the Citrus over at Android Community.

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