Motorola Android 11 update will come to these phones

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Except for Samsung, most of the former giants in the mobile industry have now become almost like footnotes in history. Although it hasn't succumbed yet like Nokia, Motorola's boat has been rocked so violently that it's close to collapsing. There seem to be some glimpses of hope coming in 2021, but many owners of its 2020 and older phones are probably more interested in seeing hope for their handsets. Now nearing the end of 2020, Motorola is shedding some light on that topic, revealing the phones that will and won't get Android 11.

Motorola once boasted about its near-vanilla Android experience. Some of its phones even ran the more pristine Android One. That makes it puzzling that it would take months for it to even start talking about Android 11 updates, much less actually start pushing out.

Better late than never, as they say, and Motorola finally reveals an admittedly long list of which phones will be getting the update. Naturally, it includes its high-end Motorola Edge and foldable Razr models as well as the latest Moto G series. Curiously, a lone Lenovo K12 Note also makes its way to the list. Unsurprisingl

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• motorola razr 2019

• motorola edge

• motorola edge+

• motorola one 5G

• motorola one action

• motorola one fusion

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• motorola one hyper

• motorola one vision

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• Lenovo K12 Note

There is one important caveat for owners of the Motorola one action in the US. Despite the name, this variant apparently doesn't run Android One and will not receive Android 11. Why that is so will probably remain a mystery. Additionally, Motorola isn't committing to a specific schedule, content to promise the update in the coming months, meaning next year, and still pending partner (carrier) support.