MotoCzysz uses NVIDIA technology to give its electric motorcycles a boost

MotoCzysz is known for its electric motorcycles, which have dominated races and won awards for years. In an effort to further up its game, the company has teamed up with NVIDIA to utilize the company's Maximus technology and Quadro GPUs, with the goal being to create a motorcycle that sets a new speed record. The company used NVIDIA's Tesla K20 GPU and Quadro K5000 GPU to improve its productivity in design.

MotoCzysz has tasked itself to prepare for this year's electric motorcycle racing season, and in doing so the company's workers are spending ample time designing in Solidworks, its software of choice. To give the designers the power they needed to perform their jobs well, the company utilized NVIDIA's Tesla K20 GPU and Quadro K5000 GPU.

As a result of this, the company says that it experienced a huge productivity boost in the design department. Because of the hardware, the designers were able to use SolidWorks for looking at the bike's details in-depth without fighting against computer lag and other issues that commonly result from such hardware-intensive tasks. Finally, by combining the Tesla GPU with Bunkspeed Pro for ray-tracing, both rendering and simulations could be performed in the background.

MotoCzysz senior engineer Nick Schoeps had this to say: "The reason why the NVIDIA Quadro K5000 makes sense for us is because we can create fully rendered images of a bike before we actually build it. A major manufacturer might make several passes, create a physical clay model, and then make further refinements to the design. With our small staff and budget we need to do it all in one pass."

[via NVIDIA]