MotoACTV Rooted, torn down, Android Market live

Chris Burns - Dec 26, 2011
MotoACTV Rooted, torn down, Android Market live

Just this past week I was speaking with my colleague Cory about how I’d wondered if anyone would take the time to root the MotoACTV, what with its 1.6-inch display and unique housing for Android complete with accessories: turns out that wonder / wish is now a reality, and the games have begun! Using developer Revolutionary’s “zergRush” exploit, we’ve got Android 2.3 with the instant ability to seek out apps on the Android Market and, of course, play Angry Birds. This watch is one of a new breed of tiny-screened Android devices with the added bonus of a touchscreen, so we’re excited about the future of teeny-tiny droid-ing, starting here!

We’ve got our own review of the Motorola MotoACTV as well as a separate review of the MotoACTV accessory suite, so feel free to figure out what this thing was meant for before rocking it out on the hacked up tip. Inside once you’re hacked you’ve got Android 2.3 Gingerbread running what they’ve got set up here: Honeycomb Launcher 1.8. It’s strange to be sure, but appears quite usable even at these early stages.

Now all we’ve got to do is decide what this device is most useful for: playing tiny, tiny games, or taking the place of our old tiny iPod. There’s gotta be some other awesome uses for this little monster, right? We’ll be testing it out over the next week to find out the best way to make this beast an ultrabeast, you can bet. We’ll make you proud, Gene!

Get all the instructions you need from the source here: CMV.ME and note that any modifications you make in this manner may well void your warrantee. Have fun!

[via Engadget]

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