Moto Z4 Android 10 update rolling out at long last

Motorola has long fallen out of the good graces of the Android faithful, at least as far as keeping its legacy as one of the platform's "good citizens" go. It ships with vanilla Android, even Android One on some models, but its update record has been far from commendable. That's especially true for what is practically its top-end phone by name and series. Better late than never, perhaps, and it's definitely welcome news to see signs of an Android 10 update rolling out to the 2019 Moto Z4.

The Moto Z4 isn't exactly a flagship if you equate that rather ambiguous term with "premium". The Snapdragon 675 inside and 4GB of RAM pretty much marked it as a mid-range phone from 2018, not 2019. Still, it was the latest and pretty much the last member of its once prestigious Moto Z line with Moto Mods compatibility. Unfortunately, it also represented Motorola's best before the new Razr.

The Moto Z4 not only lagged behind its rivals, it even lagged behind its own peers as far as Android updates go. The company seemed to have favored its younger Motorola One series and, to no one's surprise, it best-selling Moto G phones. Members of those families got Android 10 months ago.

The wait for Moto Z4 owners might finally be over, though, at least for some users on Reddit. They have received notification of the long-awaited update though not many such owners have chimed it just yet. It may still be a very small rollout in the typical staggered fashion to prevent undetected bugs from spreading quickly and widely.

Curiously, the update is also absent from Motorola's support site, hinting it might not be ready to make the big announcement yet. This doesn't exactly bode well for Verizon Moto Z4 owners who will most likely have to wait even longer than their unlocked counterparts.