Moto Z2 Force screen peeling repair fee waived

Earlier this week, attention was called to an issue experienced by some Moto Z2 Force owners: the ShatterShield coating on their phones has started peeling off. That issue follows previous ones in which users complained that the shatter-proof display used with the Moto Z2 Force is prone to scratching. Motorola has reached out to SlashGear with a statement, saying it will offer free repairs for impacted customers.

Complaints about ShatterShield peeling with the Z2 Force have surfaced on Reddit, Twitter, Lenovo's forums, and other online destinations. Many users report that they're using the phone the same way they'd use any other phone, but that despite this the coating started peeling off within weeks or months of usage. Even worse, there are some reports of handset owners accidentally destroying their phone by peeling off the ShatterShield coating after mistaking it for a removable screen protector.

Motorola has reached out to SlashGear with a statement on the issue, explaining, "Like all Motorola phones, the Moto Z2 Force edition goes through extensive accelerated life testing to help ensure it will stand up to the rigors of everyday life as part of its qualification for shipment."

Only a small number of Z2 Force handset owners have been affected by this issue, Motorola claims. Until now, these customers had to pay about $50 to get the liner replaced, but Motorola has decided to change that in light of the issues. "We believe these incidents are contained to a minimal quantity and will waive the fee for the affected consumers," Motorola said.

Whether that'll be enough to win back customers who have already ditched the Moto handset in favor of something else is yet to be seen. Motorola isn't the company to face issues with recent smartphones. Google notoriously had several issues to face with the Pixel 2 XL, with some units featuring issues like a blue screen tint, audio issues, quality control problems, and more.