Moto X software update bringing an improved camera experience

An update for the T-Mobile branded Moto X has begun rolling out today. This update touches on a few items, one of which is the camera. There has yet to be anything said in terms of this update coming to other carriers, however the folks at AnandTech have said this update is "dramatically improving the Moto X camera experience."

Anyway, the changelog points towards this update as bringing improved photos — specifically for color accuracy, exposure and focus speed. The details coming from AnandTech go on to sing the praise for this update going on to say how "imaging performance improves dramatically indoors and out with this update." As one of the more frequent complaints about the Moto X was camera related — this looks to be good news for anyone that may have been holding off an a purchase.

While the camera portion of this update may be the most welcomed, it was not the only change worth mentioning. In fact, there are several other worthwhile changes and improvements included this time around. The changelog also mentions increased accuracy of Touchless Control and fixes dealing with choppy audio during voice calls and with Motorola Assist improperly reading out text messages.

Otherwise, while we wait for word from the other carriers in regards to this update, we have also seen the Developer Edition handsets recently come available. Beginning last week, Motorola began selling a GSM (T-Mobile and AT&T) variant along with a Verizon Wireless model. These models are both available direct from Motorola and are priced at $649.99.

Of course, regardless of which model you get — you will be looking at a handset with a 4.7-inch 720p display that is powered by Motorola's X8 Computing System chip. We covered the processor as well as the features of the Moto X in-depth and those details can all be found in our earlier published review.