Moto X screenshots show Lost Phone Tracking, Connect Chrome Extension and more

The Moto X has been leaked extensively, and with the DROID handsets being revealed, we saw some of those leaked features make an appearance, likely confirming what we can expect with the Moto X. Following up with that, however, has been a rather extensive leak of screenshots over at Android Police showing some of the features the Moto X will be offering users, among them being a Motorola Connect Chrome extension and Lost Phone Tracking.

First up is Motorola Assist, which you can see the screenshots for in the image above. This will reportedly be the alternative to the Smart Actions with the DROID handsets, and will serve functions like automatically putting the Moto X into hands-free mode when the user is driving, and silencing the handset during a meeting.

There's also Motorola Migrate, which makes it easy to migrate data from a previous handset over the Moto X. Touchless Control and Launch Phrase, meanwhile, further confirm that the device will have voice control capabilities. One of the screenshots show the training page for the launch phrase, and advises users to "Move to a quiet room. Like, seriously silent."

The Lost Phone Tracking feature is what it sounds like – an integrated way to track the handset if it is lost, with one of the screenshots under "Motorola Device ID" detailing the Google account being used for, among other things, "Lost Phone Web Portal," as well as the Motorola Connect feature. The Motorola Connect Chrome Extension will allow users to sync text messages and calls with Chrome.

Rounding it all out is Active Display and Active Notifications, with the former working to conserve battery life by fading notifications in and out and selectively lighting the pixels needed to show the display. These won't appear, according to the screenshot, if the phone is in your pocket, if it is placed facedown, or if the user is currently on a call. Active Notifications, meanwhile, give users extensive control over the notification settings.

SOURCE: Android Police