Moto Skip grows up, will be Bluetooth this time around

Nate Swanner - Aug 25, 2014
Moto Skip grows up, will be Bluetooth this time around

The Moto Skip is a slick accessory that is well designed. The problem is, the technology backing it is a touch dated. The NFC tag would let Moto X users do things like unlock their phone with a tap, but even on launch it was a dated concept. A new FCC filing shows that Motorola may be getting with the times, and revamping their Skip accessory to make sense in a BLE world.

Skip’s original functionality let users clip it onto a pocket, bag, or anything else to unlock the Moto X with a quick tap. The new Skip would have much of the same use-cases, but rely on Bluetooth instead. In a world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, that’s a smart move on the part of Motorola.


It also opens the Skip up to other use-cases. The firs Skip was for unlocking a phone – a novel idea, but not worth $20. This Bluetooth enabled Skip would let you do things via proximity instead of contact. With it, you could locate your keys or anything else you attached it to, or be notified when you leave those things behind at a restaurant.

The new Skip could see the light of day when Motorola announces their new Moto X, which is expected at their event September 4 in Chicago. Motorola isn’t saying much just yet, but they’ve probably got more in store for us that day than just a new smartphone.

Source: FCC

Via: Droid Life

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