Moto Q 9h at AT&T featuring My Q Paks

Jesus Christ, why can't companies come of with original product names anymore? Now days all they do is remove vowels, replace consonants that sound the same but cause an egregious misspelling, or throw a lower case "i" in front of it.

Anyways, I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but the Moto Q 9h World Phone has finally landed at AT&T and they are offering up My Q Paks for it, basically they are groupings of software that would normally cost extra but that you get one grouping for free for a year.

Well you have to buy the phone first, but after that you get one grouping for free. The three groupings are Road Warrior, Household CEO, and Fun Seeker, below are the software packages that come with each:

Road Warrior: WorldMate, Quotestream, ZAGAT TO GO, SplashID, and 3D Pool.

Household CEO: Better Homes & Gardens Recipes On-the-Go, SplashID, Sudoku, Personality Kit, and ZAGAT TO GO.

Fun Seeker: Who Wants To Be A Millionair?, Bejeweled, 3D Pool, Sudoku, and MyStrands.

You get 90 days to choose one, and then all the software in the package is good for a year but you have to have it downloaded by April 30th next year. So if you buy one of these Q's, don't forget to check this out and pick one out within 90 days and download it, even if you think you have no use for the software, just download the games one that way you can throw the phone to your kid or something and keep them quiet.

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