Moto Migrate app scores iCloud data transfer ability

The most time consuming part of switching phones is often transferring data from the old handset to the new one, something simplified for those switching to Motorola via the Moto Migrate app. In addition to shuttling content from an Android handset to one of Motorola's phone, it can now also be used by iPhone defectors.

Moto Migrate, which is available via the Google Play Store, is exactly as its name describes — a way to migrate data across handsets. As of yesterday, the app was on the receiving end of an update that makes it altogether more useful for those making the big jump from an iPhone to one of Motorola's new handsets: data transfers from iCloud.

According to the Play Store, Moto Migrate allows for calendar events and contacts to be transferred over from an iPhone via iCloud to one of Motorola's new handsets: the Droid Ultra, Mini, Maxx, Moto X, or Moto G. That's a bit stunted when compared to the additional ability to transfer text history, photos, videos, call history, and more from Android handsets, but it's a start.

Along with the update also came some minor unspecified bug fixes, so if you notice things running a bit more smoothly, that's why. Aside from that, the app itself is small at 2.3 megabytes, and as of yesterday now sits at version 1.2.1. If you're using Android, you'll need version 2.2 or higher to use Moto Migrate.

SOURCE: Android Central