Moto GamePad Mod pre-order starts, exclusive to Verizon

It definitely ain't no Project Ara, but Motorola's Moto Mod system does have a critical advantage. It isn't technologically complex and uncomplicated for consumers. No matter which phone you go for, as long as it belongs to the Moto Z family, you have an implicit guarantee, at least for now, that future Mods will be compatible as well. Take, for example, the GamePad Moto Mod that is finally and officially here and available for pre-order. That is, if you're OK with buying it from its sole distributor: Verizon.

The announcement follows the unveiling of the Moto Z2 Force. In the past, before Lenovo's acqusition, Motorola would put out "DROID" models, including a certain "Droid Force" exclusively available from Verizon's catalog. With the Moto Z2 Force, however, Motorola cast a wider net and is making it available on all major US carriers. Given that, we can (somewhat) understand that Verizon would want to still have something exclusive to its name.

This Moto Mod is not much, unless you're a gamer, of course. There are already countless gamepad accessories, especially for Android, so what makes this different? Other than the fact that you can only use it on a Moto Z phone, of course.

That distinction, however, is actually key. Because of how it connects to the Moto Z, or Moto Z2 Force in this case, users don't have to worry about flaky Bluetooth connections. Plus, the GamePad Mod carries its own 1,035 mAh battery pack to add an extra few hours to the phone. That is, if you don't run it out faster by playing games.

Verizon is selling the Moto GamePad Moto Mod for $79.99, which is pennies compared to the Moto Z2 Force's $760 retail price. That said, you can only pre-order the mod for now. Shipping is set to start only on 25th August.