Moto G10 could finally be the Motorola flagship we've been waiting for

If the rumors are correct, Motorola's next flagship smartphone might not be able to compete with other early 2021 contenders. That won't mean, however, that it won't be able to top what Motorola has offered so far. If the company's own hints at Qualcomm's recent Snapdragon Summit is to be taken at face value, it could even be Motorola's biggest attempt at a flagship experience yet. Even more surprising, however, is its all but certain confirmation that this phone will actually be part of its Moto G series.

Back when there was still a Moto X and, later, a Moto Z, Motorola introduced the Moto G and E series for its mid-range and entry-level phones, respectively. To date, the Moto G might actually be the company's most popular smartphones, partly because they are also the most ubiquitous and most numerous. Now it seems that the company will be elevating the Moto G's profile, perhaps along with its price tag.

At Qualcomm's event, Motorola Mobility president Sergio Bunac talked about bringing the chipmaker's 800-series experiences to the Moto G. However, PC Mag muses whether Bunac means actually bringing the recent Snapdragon 8-series chips or whether he's referring to some 6-series or even 7-series processors that can almost reach premium performance.

What may be more interesting, however, is Motorola's short video that teased what those experiences might bring. Those include something like a smart TV interface as well as one that was more like a desktop UI. Presumably, the 10th-gen Moto G will be able to support both, depending on what it is connected to.

Motorola is no stranger to such custom Android experiences, being the first to actually try an Android desktop way before Samsung DeX or Android's own hidden desktop mode. Presuming the Moto G10 starts sporting this kind of alternative UIs, it could very well turn the phone into Motorola's nominal 2021 flagship, even if it won't be running the upcoming Snapdragon 888.