Moto E detailed: replacing Moto G with lower price, specs

One of Motorola's most radical releases of 2013 in the Moto G may soon be replaced by this year's entry: Moto E. This device has been tipped to be rolling out with a 4.3-inch display, dual-sim abilities, and 4GB of internal storage space. It's also suggested that with lower-end specs, this device will also cost less than the Moto G.

The Moto G broke barriers with its low-cost, "good enough" combination of cash and specifications. With this device, supposing it again bring's Motorola's high-quality build and software push, Motorola will once again be hitting the world with a phone where it's lacking – in the developing country department.

Inside you'll find the ability to run Digital TV signals as well. This is a feature you'll have found for devices in regions like Japan on many devices over the past 5 years – it should come as no surprise that this device has an iteration with this feature as well.

Included in this smartphone will be 1GB of RAM and a 1900mAh battery. It'll be working with a dual-core processor – likely Qualcomm or MediaTek – clocked in at 1.2GHz. On its back, the Moto E will have a 5-megapixel camera.

Details for this device come from Portugal and the device has appeared in rumors from Spain as well – that region will be a prime target for this machine. Have a peek at our Moto G Review for more details on how Motorola's build quality means great things for low-end devices.

VIA: Tecnoblog