Moto does an LG: Moto Z, or X, to also get modular

Modular smartphones seem to be a hot thing again. LG may be the first OEM to more or less make that dream a reality, but the biggest fires were fanned by Google's ATAP, which was then part of Motorola, which was then under Google. That seems to be coming full circle, as Motorola, now under Lenovo, is leaked to reveal a modular smartphone next month, perhaps even more modular than the LG G5. That is the latest rumor surrounding the Moto Z which is scheduled to debut on June 9.

Moto Z? Yes, Perhaps more formally, the Lenovo Moto Z. That seems to be the direction the branding is headed. In fact, Lenovo just recently trademarked that very name (sans the "Lenovo" part), signifying the intention to use. We're not 100% sure it will be the one to be revealed in two weeks, practically supplanting the more established Moto X line. But if Lenovo and Motorola are aiming for a branding change, it makes sense to do it sooner rather than later.

The new name is unsurprisingly absent from Motorola's supposedly leaked invitation to the June 9th event taking place in San Francisco. It simply says "Redefine mobile phone". In Chinese, of course. What's more interesting here is the stylized representation of that Moto smartphone, Moto X or Z. It confirms the overly huge camera design that mimics the face of a Moto 360 smartwatch, including the flat tire. Based on the lens flare effect, that flat tire area will seemingly be repurposed for flash, while the two holes beside the camera sensor is most likely a laser autofocus system.

Even more interesting is the totally never before heard rumor that this Moto smartphone would feature a modular design similar to the LG G5. But Motorola will take it further with more modules than the G5 has, at least counting only the attachable ones. hellomotoHK lists those as

• Pro camera Mod

• Adventure Mod

• Theater Mod

• Stereo Mod

• Power Mod

• Style Mod

We can pretty much guess what some of those would do, though the adventure, style, and theater modules are intriguing. It will definitely be a bold statement coming from Lenovo if its first Moto smartphone will indeed feature such hyped properties. We'll know soon enough when they talk of the veil from the Moto X. Or Moto Z.

VIA: +hellomotoHK