Moto 360 Sport Android Wear 2.0 update finally rolls out

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It's a long time coming but there was also a chance it might not have even come to pass. Motorola, after all, was calling it quits on the smartwatch scene but a promise is a promise and fortunately for Moto 360 Sport owners, the company has kept its word. The Android Wear 2.0 update is finally rolling out to the sporty variant of the smartwatch month after the Moto 360 2nd gen got what may be the last major update it will ever have. Presuming we even see major Android Wear updates in the first place.

Android Wear 2.0 itself was already late. Initially scheduled for a late 2016 launch, the latest major iteration of Google's smartwatch platform didn't arrive until February this year. Then there's the waiting time of actually getting the update out into people's hands. Or wrists in this case.

It took about three months for the Android Wear 2.0 to arrive on the Moto 360 2nd gen models, but the update for the Sport model was nowhere in sight. It would apparently take another three months before that happened. At least the long wait for owners is now over.

So what does Android Wear 2.0 bring anyway? Major features common to all Android Wear smartwatches include being able to install apps directly on the smartwatch via an on-watch Google Play Store. Google Assistant now also replaces Google Now as the voice input mechanism, but do be aware that there is still some open bugs related to it. Specific to the Moto 360 Sport is a change in the way its side button works, with a quick press to access apps and a press and hold to launch Google Assistant.

With the Android Wear 2.0 update now checked off, the question becomes whether the Moto 360 Sport, or even the 2nd gen Moto 360, will continue receiving updates. Considering Android Wear 3.0 doesn't even seem to be planned at this point, it all looks highly unlikely.

SOURCE: Motorola