Motion-Controlled DIY MP3 player: Video Demo

Accelerometers are found in all manner of cellphones and mobile devices nowadays, usually responsible for flipping screen orientation from vertical to horizontal when you want a widescreen view of a webpage.  However that's not all they're good for, as this DIY motion-controlled MP3 player demonstrates.  The work of an unnamed Japanese engineer, different motions – such as tilting, tapping and rotating – translate to controls such as play, pause, track skipping and volume control.Video demo of the Motion-Controlled MP3 Player after the cut

Six different motions are currently detected:  tapping the right bottom corner, for instance, goes to the next track, while double-tapping skips to the following album. Tilting the PMP right or left increases or decreases the volume.  The six motions are a limitation of the current software, though, and not of the Kionix KXM52-1050 accelerometer used.  In fact, you could probably code for as many motions as you like – or as many as you can a) remember, and b) reproduce with as little cross-gesture similarity.

The whole thing is housed in the right enclosure from a set of Elecom PC speakers; that way there's not only the MP3 player but the means to listen to it, too.  Usually it plays in stereo, but unplug the left speaker and the two channels are mixed together for mono output. 

[via Hacked Gadgets]