Motion control "Minority Report" power glove for Xbox 360 Kinect

If you're a gamer, you probably are familiar with Ben Heck. Heck started out building some slick game console mods and finagled that into his own web show. The latest project Heck has been working on is a glove that works with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect inspired from the 2002 flick "The Minority Report."

To build the glove what appears to be a standard leather glove was equipped with an Arduino processor and an accelerometer. The glove electronics were programmed using standard IR code. Communication protocols were implemented that allow arm and hand gestures to control the remote functions for watching media on the Xbox 360.

The result is very geeky looking device that allows you to control your TV with ease. I'd have to think before wearing the device very long a leather glove would get very hot and uncomfortable. I think a better option might have been some sort of half glove like you would wear at the gym or bicycling.

[via element 14]