Moshka 3D Aviator Glasses Available Now

Evan Selleck - Oct 18, 2010
Moshka 3D Aviator Glasses Available Now

It’s been said in the past that some people just don’t like 3D because they don’t like the glasses they have to wear. Whether that’s because they’re too big, or they just don’t look good on their face, until glasses-free 3D technology comes around and takes hold, it looks like we’ll have to live with the glasses whether we like them or not. Moshka believes that, if you aren’t a fan of the way they fit on your face, or how you look sitting in that dark theater, then their brand new aviator 3D glasses are the perfect accessory for you.

The Aviator 3D Glasses are available right now in four different color schemes: pink (pictured above), black, red, and white. Moshka says that they’re built to last, unlike the other plastic glasses you get from theaters, so you should be able to take them with you from movie to movie. And, what makes them better, is the fact that the company made them passive, and not active. The result should be that you’ll be able to head into any theater out there and enjoy the 3D entertainment, as well as many other locations that will satiate your 3D needs.

Unfortunately, that does mean they won’t work with active technology 3D sets, like the ones you’ll find from Sony, or Panasonic. You can order the glasses right now in your color of choice from (the site keeps going in and out, so if you can’t access it right away, keep trying). You’ll have to drop £19.99 to get them, but that’s not a big price to pay for looking so great, right?

[via Pocket-Lint]

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