Moshi IVR Alarm Clock features spoken TimeSet tech

If you're interested in a truly unique alarm clock, then you might just have to consider the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock. This thing features TimeSet technology, which lets you set the time just by talking to the clock. Pretty cool, huh?

So, all you do to start this is to say the words, "Hello Moshi." The clock will respond to you and say "Command Please." Next, you speak one of the twelve Voice Activated Commands to get the clock to perform a particular function. Sounds easy enough for me.

The IVR technology uses Neutral Net and HMM Phonetic Speaker Independent Recognition software in combination. This makes for accurate vocabulary recognition and the ability to recognize numerous accents. Other features include continuous phrase and word spotting work. It will cost $49.99 and at the very least would make for a great novelty gift.