MOS Spring reinforced cables have exoskeleton

Some cables are more fragile than others, but all end up succumbing to their frequent use, particularly smartphone charging cables, which are often used multiple times a day. MOS, apparently unsatisfied with that reality, has rolled out a couple new cables called "Spring" that feature reinforced construction.

The MOS Spring cable is a simple micro USB charging cable (there's also one available for iPhone users) that features heads made from anodized aluminum, which makes them more durable than your average gadget charger.

These aluminum heads are connected to the cable with a metal spring where the wire is attached — a part that is particularly vulnerable to shorting out from being bent or tugged on. This spring works as a mechanism against that potential damage, taking the strain instead of the wire.

Tossing a bit more reinforcement into the construction, MOS has also given the Spring cables a plastic exoskeleton woven over the outside, something that should protect the cable from being crushed or getting tangled.

The MOS Spring is available for pre-order for $22 USD for the Lightning cable and $14 USD for the microUSB version.

SOURCE: Gizmodo