Mortal Kombat X leak reveals "selfie fatality"

Everyone's favorite blood-and-guts battle game has some new fatalities in store, one of which has surfaced online reveals a groan-worthy bit of modern narcissism — something that isn't surprising since it's coming from Johnny Cage's daughter. It is a "selfie fatality", and it includes a cheesy fake Facebook screenshot on which a selfie, taken during a fatality, is posted. It's snapped by Cassie Cage during the fatality, and if you try hard enough, you'll find a bit of social commentary tossed in.

Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, and like it or not, she has embraced the social media trend and as such humblebrags about her fatalities on "Friendships", a poor Facebook knockoff. Her fatality is finished off by whipping out a smartphone, taking a selfie with the loser's character, and uploading it for others to see.

You can see it for yourself above — it's NSFW, as you'd expect, though it is one of the less violent Mortal Kombat fatalities. It surfaced on Tumblr via "RealestMatt", and impressive enough, the social network spoof in the clip includes scrolling comments like "Dat selfie doe".

Earlier this week, we saw the official Mortal Kombat X launch trailer arrive, and in it there are clips from throughout the game, including of some fatalities (not the selfie one, though). The game will be arrive both digitally and in stores on April 14.

SOURCE: Dorkly