More Wii's on the way?

The Wii seems to be an elusive creature. Now and then we'll catch wind of a store having a few Wii's in-stock on a certain day. Then you go to said store on that fateful day only to realize that there have been people standing in line for days to get one. Then you just keep driving and pretend you're lost so you don't look like an idiot only showing up three hours before the store opened in hopes to get one.

No, that's not personal experience, but I'm sure someone out there can relate. If you can, I've got some good news for you from Nintendo. They are planning to ramp-up production this month.

Despite this good news, I doubt that we'll see Wii's sitting around on store shelves collecting dust anytime soon. There are still a lot of people out there just dying to get their hands on one.

Nintendo Ramping Up Production Of The Wii [via consumerist]