More TabletKiosk UMPCs to confuse matters

Choice is a wonderful thing to have. Will you take custard with your tinned peaches, or UHT cream? Choice in computer technology is even better, because it tends to drive down prices. Anyway, TabletKiosk are promising two new UMPCs which will be available from the end of August.

The i7209 and i7210 wield Celeron M 900 and Pentium M 1.0 processors respectively, the i7209 making do with half of its sibling's 1gb of ram and 60gb hard-drive. Otherwise they both boast the same melange of embedded Intel 3D graphics, 1.3 megapixel camera, wifi and bluetooth. A four-format card reader (SD/SDIO/MMC/MS) makes the pair particularly suitable for photographers on the go who want easy access to their pictures and whatever photo-editing software the vaguely-anaemic specs can manage.

Update: i7210 : $1399 and i7209: $1099

No hints on pricing yet, sadly. We shall have to join hands and pray.

TabletKiosk [via What Is New]