More PS3 eBay Madness: 60 GB Sells for $45,000

Alright, people, look. This isn't the cure for cancer, or a way to obtain superpowers like Superman has. It's a freakin' video game console! In the madhouse that is eBay, PS3s are selling like hotcakes, often for outrageous sums of money that no one in their right mind would ever pay. $9,000 for a PS3 was excessive, but we now have another seller that netted $45,000 for their shiny new console. Look, I understand the desire to get the latest and greatest in consoles (which is why I have my battle gear for my Wii laid out), but when you could buy a truck for what you're paying for a first-generation gaming machine, something in your brain has to say "'re gonna do WHAT now?"

There is, of course, a guy who got $100 million for his PS3, but this has to be a fake bid. Either that or I just lost my faith in the human race.

[via eBay]