More Nokia McLaren smartphone images leak

Early this month some leaked images hit the web that claimed to be of the Nokia Lumia RM-1052 prototype, which is thought to be the McLaren. Early rumors of the device suggested that it would focus on photography and might have some sort of 3D touch interface. A few images of that device turned up in that leak.

A slew of new images have surfaced that claim to be of the McLaren device and this time out the leaked Nokia smartphone is alongside an iPhone 6 to give us an idea of the scale of the McLaren. The newly leaked images and the ones we saw back on the first of the month appear to show the same device.

Some of the pictures even have the same background. The leaked images show the round, bulbous camera on the back of the smartphone. The glass surrounding the camera says Pureview and Zeiss hinting that it has high quality optics.

We can make out a dual LED flash and it looks like there might be optical zoom in there, but that is unconfirmed. Check out the images and see what you think about the Nokia smartphone. The leak offers no hints at what hardware might be inside the device.