More mushrooms recalled over listeria risk: Here's what we know

Another big batch of mushrooms have been recalled due to the possible risk of Listeria contamination, according to a new recall notice from Marquis Worldwide Speciality Inc that was recently published on the FDA's website. The California company is recalling all of its organic enoki mushrooms sold in 200-gram packages because of this possible contamination, which can be deadly in some people who contract it.

Enoki mushrooms are long and slender; they're commonly used in stirfry and soups. These mushrooms have been the subject of multiple recalls from different companies over the past few months, all of them due to the possible presence of Listeria bacteria. In this case, the Organic Enoki Mushrooms 200g product was distributed across the US.

According to the recall notice, the recalled mushrooms were sold in individual plastic packages that are clear on top and orange on the bottom. The front of the packages features the label "Conah Organic enoki mushroom."

The company notes that these packages don't have a 'clear expiration date' because they're a fresh organic product and they're prone to go bad at various times depending on things like the condition in which they were stored. Consumers who own any of the recalled mushrooms should throw them away or return them to the store for a refund.

Fortunately, Marquis says that it hasn't received any reports of illnesses resulting from these recalled organic mushrooms. People who contract Listeria may experience a variety of symptoms, including severe headache, fever, stomach pain, and more. The bacteria is particularly risky to pregnant women, young kids, the elderly, and anyone who has a compromised immune system.