More KotOR MMO rumors

The rumormill has been teasing us for some time regarding the possibility of Bioware creating an MMO based in the world of Knights of the Old Republic. The rumors seem to go back-and-forth on the matter, so you'll have to take this one with the usual grain of salt. Apparently an insider has sent 1up an excerpt from what is described as a KotOR MMO.

According to the script, this MMO is "set in the historical past of the Star Wars universe." Depending on how you take that statement, it could be set in any number of time periods, but with all of the other rumors going around, I'd bet it is in the KotOR era.

While I'm excited enough about The Force Uleashed, I've found that you really can't have too many Star Wars games. We'll keep you posted if we find out any further info.

[via Massively]