BioWare Is Confirmed To Be Working On Knights Of The Old Republic Again

If ever there was a good time to be a Star Wars fan, this would be it. We've got The Force Unleashed coming this summer (which looks incredible) a new MMO in the works, a movie due out in August (animated of course), a new TV series and now a new KotOR game from BioWare. That's right, BioWare is working on a new KotOR.

While all of the NPCs in the original KotOR always seemed a bit familiar as you traveled through the galaxy, it was definitely my favorite game for the original Xbox, and ranked up there with some of the other great Star Wars games. It's great to hear that BioWare is back working on the franchise. The news comes from an EA investor report which simply lists KotOR as a BioWare project.

Since there have been new rumors about someone else working on a new Star Wars MMO, I doubt that we'll see this project turned into one as well. Personally, I'm hoping for another kick-ass single player (or multiplayer) RPG along the same lines as the original.

[via Joystiq]